Watch DMX Hilariously Lose His Mind On An Amusement Park Ride

He goes all out, up in here, up in here.

First of all, it's really refreshing to see a story of DMX that doesn't involve a mug shot. Keep it up bruh! Secondly, it's now obvious how DMX brainstorms all the intros to every song he's recorded: He rides the Slingshot at an amusement park, freaks out, then just uses that freak out for his intros. GENIUS! This entire video of him and his pal riding the Slingshot sounds almost identical to "Party Up," but totally unintentionally.

His trademark grunting and barking noises are in full swing, as is his "WHAT!!!! WHAAAAAAAAT!" that is featured in all of his tracks. Keep riding scary rides Dark Man X.

What what!!