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Joe Budden And Ransom Bury The Hatchet On 'Vietnam': Listen Now

New Jersey is in the building.

Everyone loves a song with a catchy hook, but every now and then (and sometimes a lot more often than that), the mood calls for a display of raw lyricism. And that's exactly what Joe Budden and Ransom deliver on "Vietnam."

Released on Monday (July 28), the track features a lengthy verse from both of the New Jersey natives, with bars that balance boasts and pictures of their Jersey roots. Plus a healthy dose of similes and verbal imagery.

This is the first collab in quite some time from Joey and Ran, as the former (and seemingly current) friends got involved in a dispute that lasted a few years and resulted in some fierce words -- both on and off wax -- from both sides. Now, though, it appears those days are behind fully them, and as this new record -- which comes just a week after the two were spotted in the studio together -- again proves, we're better for it.