Ansel Elgort And Dylan O'Brien Are The Best Coordinated Couple At 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Whenever the annual Young Hollywood Awards roll around, we always expect fresh-faced greatness when it comes to the red carpet. And we certainly got that at last night's festivities. But what we did NOT expect was to see Ansel Elgort and Dylan O'Brien unintentionally coordinate looks AND pose together. I'm sorry, did the world just implode?


Ansel took home the award for Fan Favorite Actor while Dylan won the Breakthrough Actor award, so it makes sense they wanted to share hugz and celebrate together. But we have to assume that the similarities between their outfits was just a wonderful, glorious coincidence. They both looked equally dreamy in slim suits—Dylan in classic monochrome and Ansel in retro brown and mixed prints.

Getty Images

And then there's the fact that they both had the whole "wet hair" thing going, although Dylan's messy spikes were much more defined than Ansel's mussed up waves. You guys, what if they shared the same container of gel before the show? What if they shared a limo and did each other's hair on the way there?? If you'll excuse me, I have some serious fan fiction to write now.