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Katy Perry, Rihanna Or Lily Allen: Who Wore Head-To-Toe Spandex Best?

We'll admit it's hard to look on-trend while wearing head-to-toe workout clothes, but Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lily Allen proved that sporting spandex can totally be an outfit in itself. This July, all three ladies wore the VFiles Sport Plus bra ($100) and leggings ($150), but each added their own signature twist to each ensemble.

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In NYC, RiRi decided to go the full early-2000s logomania route (which is huge right now) by adding a monogram Louis Vuitton bag, bedazzled sunglasses, layered gold chains, giant hoops, and white Nike Air Max sneakers to her sportswear ensemble.

Rony's Photobooth/VFiles

Katy went for a more colorful approach by pairing gem-accented red shades with her green-tinted hair while visiting Disney World for Fourth of July weekend.

And just this past weekend, Lily was also spotted in the same ensemble while onstage in Sydney. She went for a more simple look by pairing her two-piece with hoops and a super-high pony—and even thanked VFiles for her "sick garmentry" on Twitter. But tell us, who do you think wore allover spandex best: Katy, Rihanna, or Lily? Let us know in the comments below!