Sonja Yelich

11 Ways Lorde's Mom Is Just Like Yours

12, if you're from New Zealand.

This weekend, Lorde regrammed a photo from her mother, Sonja Yelich's, Instagram account and opened the floodgates into Mama Lorde's filtered world. What did we find there? That, basically, Lorde's mom is just like your mom. My mom. Our mom.

Check out 11 ways the New Zealand poet will remind you of the woman who gave you life below.

1. To her, her child is a work of art

Here, Lorde's mom shares a painting that she says looks just like her progeny, proving that mothers see their children in every lovely creation. Can't you feel the love?

NB: If your mom compares you to, like, an Edvard Munch, she may not, in fact, love you.

2. She shares photos of her daughter and her beau

If it works out, she'll have snaps for the grandkids. If not, target practice and tears.

3. She has a bizarre sense of humor

"Bus having a little drink," reads the caption on this snap. Kind of reminds you of the hilarious cat videos your mom plasters all over your Facebook wall, huh?

4. She tells embarrassing stories about you to anyone who will listen

"Remembering back to when ella - 5 - popped a ball of wasabi into india's mouth when she was 3! WaaaAaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaa," Sonja writes under this snap.

The vaults have been cracked, Mrs. Lorde -- give us the good stuff. I'm sure our mothers have plenty of stories to share in return. On second thought...

5. Did I mention the weird jokes?

This photo's caption is, "why why why blue guy." I'll just leave that here.

6. She's thrilled when her daughter's friends interact with her

Makes her feel young again.

7. She doesn't really know how to use her phone's camera

What's going on here?

8. But that doesn't stop her from taking photos that will embarrass her children to no end

Little bro Angelo was likely not too stoked on this.

9. Sometimes, though, she'll manage a lovely snap

10. Because, in the end, you're basically the center of her world

She's proud of you -- even if you don't sweep the Grammys.

11. Oh, and also jokes

You do you, Sonja. You do you.

Now let's all go call our moms.