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9 Amazingly Nerdy Things We Overheard At Comic-Con

People say the nerdiest things.

By Karen Yossman

San Diego Comic-Con represents a brief rupture in the space-time continuum where people from all walks of life spend four days in close quarters, bonding over shared fandom love, waiting in lines, arguing over "Vampire Diaries" vs "True Blood," waiting in lines, admiring each other’s cosplay, and waiting in lines some more. And during that intimate time, we happened to overhear some pretty hilarious things.

1. “I was in the bathroom and in the next stall this guy was speaking Klingon. It was freaking me out.”

Right? Don’t talk while you’re in the bathroom stall. It’s weird.

2. “I can’t believe my mom wants to start charging me rent.” (via @silkyd67)

We can’t believe it either. You’re 35, not made of money.

3. “The scariest thing is my dad told me he relates to Tywin Lannister. He’s like, ‘No, it’s hard being at the head of the family!’ He tried to justify the Red Wedding and everything.” (via @roundhoward)

That’s when you know it’s time to crack out the DNA testing kit.

4. “I don’t even know what hunger feels like anymore. Only shame.”

Personally, I try to sample all the basic food groups during Comic-Con. Namely nachos, candy and soda.

5. “So do you dream in Dothraki?” “Yes.” (via @AliciaLutes)

Sweet dreams are made of "Game of Thrones."

6. “Are you trying to bring the fandom here?” “I am the fandom.”

Megalomaniacs at Comic-Con. Who’da thunk it.

7. “Did you see Weight Watchers Wonder Woman?” - Samuel L. Jackson

That was way harsh, Sam! (But we totally loled).

8. “I sneeze like Snow White and blow my nose like Dumbo.” (via @comicmix)

And if I heard you do either of those things I would quarantine you like Gotham in "Batman: Contagion".

9. “One thing I’ve learned is no one sticks by you like your friends. Especially here.”

If they elbow you in the stomach to get hold of the last Elsa-from-"Frozen" vinyl Pop! figure, they’re not your friend. I learned the hard way.

Stay classy, San Diago.