The 18 Cutest (And Sometimes Creepiest) Cosplay Couples At Comic-Con

Paint your face and grab your sweetie.

Rihanna may have found love in a hopeless place, but these couples cozied up at the happiest place on Earth: the convention floor at San Diego Comic-Con. We caught the cutest -- and a few of the creepiest -- couples cosplaying their way through the week. Ain't elaborately costumed love grand?

Some of these characters left us stumped. Know who they are? Let us know in the comments!

1. Pirate Lady And Hawkeye

Love across franchises.

2. Koragg The Knight Wolf And Morrigan

Don't cross these two.

3. Ryuko Matoi And Harley Quinn

Armed and dangerous.

4. Mario And Princess Peach

But can he save her from Wario?

5. Bee And Bee ("Bee And Puppycat")

Everyone loves a man in a Peter Pan collar.

6. Captain America (With A Hydra Hat) And Poison Ivy

But wait! Where does his allegiance lie!

7. Archer And Damsel


8. Batgirl And Robin

A match made in Gotham.

9. Star-Lord And Loki

A love that is out of this world(s).

10. Indiana Jones And Willie Scott

There's nothing "Doom"ed about this relationship.

11. Tuls And Ms. Paint

Make it work, guys.

12. She-Ra And Rufio


13. Captain Kirk And Mr. Spock

Boldly going where no man has gone before.

14. Boba Fett And Slave Leia

A classic for the ages.

15. Sally And Jack Skellington

Just a rag doll and her skeleton.

16. Patriotic Lady And Captain America

If you can't be Captain America, at least rock the stars and stripes.

17. The Joker And Harley Quinn

Why so serious?

18. Grey Bird Man And Lara Croft

We don't know how the bird got there, but maybe the Tomb Raider can take care of it.