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Kevin Smith Went To The 'Star Wars' Set And Totally Melted Down

"I was that kid again."

Kevin Smith has more than proven his nerd cred over the years, even earning the San Diego Comic-Con-specific moniker of "ComiKev." So when he stopped by MTV's livestream to catch up, we had to get his opinion on the latest attempt at "Star Wars."

As it turns out, Smith was invited by director J.J. Abrams to visit the film's London set. He didn't get his leg smashed by a door, but he did have a very emotional reaction when he came face to face with a certain set piece.

He could view the set with the clinical detachment of a filmmaker, he said, nothing that "this looks closer to the movie from the my childhood than the last three I saw."

"I was looking at it intellectually, and then they took me to the Millennium Falcon set," he said. It was there that the magic happened, once the lights turned on and Smith stepped onto the loading deck of the ship.

"Stepping onto that Millennium Falcon, I started crying," he said. "I literally was hit with such a wave of emotion. Suddenly I was no longer a filmmaker, like oh, I'm the guy that made 'Cop Out' or 'Jersey Girl.' I was not the guy who made 'Chasing Amy' or 'Dogma,' and I went even further back than 'Clerks.' I was not the 'Clerks' guy. I went further back than my twenties, I was that kid again, I was literally 7 years old playing with 'Star Wars' figures, and J.J. had the best 'Star Wars' figures on the planet."

The level of detail, down to the bubble-wrapped seatbelts of the ship, stunned Smith to a new level of fandom.

Check out more of Smith's thoughts on Abrams' recreation of the "Star Wars" set in the clip above, and stay tuned all weekend for MTV News' San Diego Comic-Con coverage.