JWOWW Is One Of The Most Intelligent Celebrities on Twitter, And Here's The Proof

Time.com has ranked the 50 smartest stars-who-tweet -- and the new mom is number eight!

If intelligent tweets were a dime a dozen, Jenni Farley would have well over $100. (We did the math — that's actually a lot of smart tweets, believe it or not!)

Time.com has ranked the 50 smartest celebrities on Twitter based on a commonly used reading comprehension test, and JWOWW comes in at no. 8.

For anyone who doubts her above-average tweeting skill set, we've compiled a few of the new mom's savvier social media posts for your reading pleasure:

Proper spelling and punctuation goes a long way. Jenni knows. Hey, she could have said, "making sure im xtra healthy 4 mah babay gurl 4 tha last coupla weks of bein preggers...," but she didn't.

Sex-in-the-shower tips? Genius! (We'll let that "ur" slide.)

AND she designed her own website back in 2009! Is there anything this gal can't do?!

Who knows, but the fact that Jenni brought up these controversial topics at all sounds mad smart.

Spoken like a true businesswoman.

Quick-witted and sarcastic — that's our guidette!

Remember when JWOWW smartly slammed Bristol Palin over her hypocritical response to President Obama's pro-gay marriage announcement? We cheered.

The ASPCA is only one of many charities that Jenni has supported throughout her time on Twitter.

She's not afraid to intelligently call out the media when necessary.

Jenni Farley — always doing her part to rock the vote.

Meilani's mama has never been one to hold back her opinions...or sugarcoat anything.

+ What smart topics would you like to see JWOWW tackle on Twitter? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep an eye on her Twitter feed!