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Tweets Of The Week: 'Faking It' And 'Awkward' Stars Collide In 'G.B.F.' Reunion

Molly Tarlov and Michael Willett meet again!

These days, your Twitter timeline says as much about you as your taste in movies or fashion sense, and ours is chock full o’ MTV greatness. Between the intriguing "Teen Wolf" stars and the "Code" jokesters, our network’s cast members always have a ton to share on social media, and each week, we’re rounding up the posts that had us RTing like crazy. Check out the latest!

Molly Tarlov's Instagram

In Palos Hills, anyone who's a bit left-of-center will likely be on the receiving end of Sadie Saxton's scorn, but in "G.B.F.," actress Molly Tarlov played a lovable outcast herself. The movie, which followed a closeted gay student whose popularity exploded after he was accidentally outed, starred the "Awkward" star and Michael Willett of "Faking It," and this week, the MTV stars crossed paths once more. "#gbfmovie reunion with my bb," Tarlov tweeted with the photo above. WE DEMAND A SEQUEL!

Meanwhile on Twitter, Willett's "Faking It" co-star Katie Stevens got pumped for the show's next installment, but "Free Agents" winner Laurel Stucky got misty over the prospect of a future without elephants ( too!). And though Jillian Rose Reed of "Awkward" spoke in defense of McDonald's consumption, Jessimae Peluso of "Girl Code" was hoping for a quick fix to clear her system out.

See what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week below!