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Lil Wayne Is Starting A Sports Management Company, And Repping The World's Biggest Soccer Star?

Cristiano Ronaldo is getting ready to rep YMCMB.

Beyond rapping, Lil Wayne has ventured into clothing, accessories, and a number of other business ventures -- not to mention a label presidency. And now he's expanding his empire once again, according to TMZ.

The site reported on Thursday (July 24) that Tunechi is getting ready to launch his own sports management company, and Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be the first client on the roster. The partnership would mean that the new outfit would be responsible for "everything from branding to marketing and endorsement deals" for Ronaldo in the United States.

Weezy has relationships in the world of sports and is a fan (check out the video above for proof), in addition to a history of success in business, which may help him secure new clients. And he's really not off to a bad start with Ronaldo, who, according to Forbes, is the world's second-highest earning athlete, at $80 million last year.

Will Wayne be able to build his brand like Jay Z has done with Roc Nation Sports, having signed superstars like Kevin Durant and Robinson Cano? And is this at all related to a sports management company launched by Cash Money? We already know that they're working with NFL rookie Mike Evans, who in May told MTV News, “Slim’s my mentor. They’re great people to have in my corner, and I just love them” -- speaking about Cash Money CEOs Ronald "Slim" and Bryan "Birdman" Williams.

We'll have to wait for more details to know for sure.