Dr. Dre Took Xzibit On The Ultimate Baller Vacation: See The Pics

X's got friends in high places.

Rule #1 of Baller Club: when you're on a weeks-long vacation with a baller, you let him ball. That's the lesson Xzibit has clearly absorbed on what we can only describe as the greatest OG European summer yacht cruise of all time.

You see, according to his Instagram, X has been cruising around on a giant yacht with Dr. Dre (and Dre's wife, Nicole) for the past few weeks, posting pictures from their excellent adventure along the way.

Now, we don't know if this magnificent boat is Dre's new iTunes-funded plaything or if it's a rental, but what we do know is that it is spectacular and we're super, super jealous.

Join us, won't you, on a tour of X's summer scrapbook:

Getting There Is Half The Fun

Did I Mention I'm On A Big-Ass Yacht?

You Knew There'd Be Jet Skis

Perhaps You Were Expecting Flat Soda And Donut Burgers On The Way To St. Tropez?

Okay, There Was That One Bacon Cheeseburger On A Glazed Donut

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Fishing... Like A Boss

You Have To Thank The Host

"Many thanks to The Young's, Nicole and @DrDre for allowing us to take this journey with them," Xzibit wrote on Tuesday. "I have learned many things as an artist from Dre, but there is a friendship that fuels all of this that has become stronger than any record that could be made in a studio."