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This Girl Has No Idea She’s Photobombing Karlie Kloss


Some people shy away from the camera. Some people embrace it. And some unknowingly steal the spotlight from Victoria Secret models.

The woman of the hour is aspiring model and actress Kara Dudley, who had no idea when she was striking a pose for the paparazzi outside a NYC gym that the photo shoot wasn’t for her, but for supermodel Karlie Kloss -- standing behind her!

The photos show Dudley, happily putting on a show for the cameras, while Kloss laughs behind her. The reverse photobomber had no clue until her friend texted her the next day.

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"I didn't know what they were doing but I decided to strike a pose anyways because how cool is that!” she explained to the Daily Mirror. What any sensible woman would do, right?

Dudley was actually checking out the gym to catch a glimpse of Kloss’ BFF, Taylor Swift. “I called all my friends to tell them that I saw Taylor Swift in Soho, thinking that was the only exciting thing that happened that day.”

We’ve all had that “Are they waving at me?” embarrassing moment. Just shake it off, girlfriend.