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Thanks To Lady Gaga, We Now Know Way Too Much About Raver Masks

It's no secret that Lady Gaga’s Artpop tour has been jam-packed with unforgettable fashion moments (see: her insane polka-dot tentacle number), but while performing in Hollywood last night, she pulled out an accessory I certainly hadn't seen before—a rainbow animal-mouth surgical mask.

She posted a picture of herself sporting the beaded facepiece on Instagram saying, "Hollywood got real nasty tonight. #artRave #ARTPOPcouldMEANanything," and honestly, it just left me even more confused. So, I did what any highly skilled professional reporter would do: serious in-depth research (aka a basic Google search). Two hours later, I emerged from the deepest, darkest corners of the internet, and I have so much to share. (Disclaimer: I'm a late-'80s baby that was too young to join the JNCO-wearin' ravers of the '90s, and now I'm too old to join the kandi-lovin' kids of the '10s so, basically, don't judge.)

Not to be dramatic, but these kandi masks are a serious thing, y'all. They're a nod to the OG candy kids who sported actual surgical masks back in the day, and the internet is filled with DIY video tutorials on ’em, places to source your own patterns, or heck, even pay someone to make a super-custom getup for yourself. In fact, I'm pretty sure I found the exact one Mother Monster sported onstage, and it's only $25. Score!