Here Are 6 Cats That Look Like Justin Bieber


The Internet is full of many things, most of which have whiskers, some of which look like Justin Bieber. (I believe there's some kind of mathematical principle in there.)

Because it's Wednesday -- a downer of a day that makes us look deep within the gaping maws of our souls and find them lacking -- and because ... why not, we've compiled a list of said creatures with whiskers that look like Justin Bieber for your viewing pleasure.

Break up the mundanity of this most useless of days below. Resume contemplating the futility of your existence directly after.

1. This cat doing this lean

2. This cat surfing the Interwebz

3. This very worried kitty

4. These kitten family members embracing

5. This seductive feline

6. This cat with serious SWAG

Cat images courtesy of Dan Perry, Doug Woods, Jetske, Dubravko Sorić, Susanne Nilsson