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Who Is Naya Rivera's Husband Ryan Dorsey?

Three months after Big Sean breakup, Naya has a new husband.

Looks like Naya Rivera completely skipped the binge-dating rebound stage and went straight to marriage. Three months after she and Big Sean made the "difficult decision" to call off their engagement, the "Glee" actress secretly tied the knot with Ryan Dorsey in Mexico.

But who exactly is Dorsey? Over the past few months we've heard little to nothing about him.

He and Naya reportedly met four years ago, according to People magazine, and have been close friends since then. The West Virginia native is credited with an appearance in the 2011 film "Groovin' On," in addition to brief cameos on the TV shows "Southland" and "Parks and Recreation" in 2013. His most recent film, "Blood Father" with William H. Macy and Mel Gibson, will hit theaters in 2015.

News of Dorsey and Rivera's marriage comes as a surprise, considering that she and Big Sean were planning a wedding just a few months ago. After their split, there seemed to be some bad blood for awhile, and then both artists returned to focusing on work and hanging with their friends.

A survey of Rivera's Instagram account only shows one photo -- where she's playing catch with a football on vacation -- that could have potentially included Dorsey. Guess she really wanted to keep this one under wraps.