This Dude Scores Tinder Win for Short Guys Everywhere

Do you think he owned this hater? Or is he just a troll himself?

This week in Tinder news, a guy called out a girl for not-so-delicately stating her height preferences in her profile.

Mr. Defender-Of-Short-Guys-Everywhere stepped up to the plate to set this girl straight, distracting her with a few seemingly harmless questions.

The girl later goes on to explain why short guys aren't her thing, though we're a little curious about whether there was more to this conversation than the screenshot shows. Some texts appear to be cut off between this image and the previous one.

Mr. Defender-Of-Short-Guys-Everywhere goes on to completely trashtalk short guys, but the girl is pretty unresponsive to his rant. Maybe she's not that against shortness after all?

But Mr. Defender is determined to get to his punchline.

Whoa, man. We understand what you were trying to do with this Tinder convo, but we’re not sure this was the best way to do it. Remember the guy who dumped his cheating girlfriend with Internet memes but was kind of a jerk about it? You and him should be friends.