Beau Mirchoff Is Coming Face-To-Face With Charles Manson

The 'Awkward' star has a brand-new NBC gig, and it's quite a departure from Palos Hills!

Discovering his girlfriend was a compulsive liar who'd been expelled from school for violence was no treat for Matty McKibben on this season's "Awkward" finale, but it might prove to be valuable experience for actor Beau Mirchoff as he tackles his next role.

According to Deadline, Mirchoff has been cast in the new NBC cop drama "Aquarius," which will follow police as they try to apprehend members of the infamous Manson Family. He'll play a UCLA student named Rick Zondervan, and if earning a Bachelor of Science wasn't stressful enough, Rick and his girlfriend will actually come face-to-face with Charles Manson at a drug party. Suddenly, dealing with Jenna Hamilton's BS doesn't seem so troublesome...

"Very excited to start working on this!" Mirchoff tweeted after news of his gig was released, and his "Awkward" co-stars sounded ready to catch him on their own boob tubes. "Congrats beau!!" Jillian Rose Reed tweeted, while Desi Lydic posted "Woohoo! I can't wait to watch this!"

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