43 Avengers Tattoos: Is This Earth's Mightiest Ink?

Loki, Ultron, not even Thanos would mess with anybody who had these awesome tats.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 kicks off tomorrow, and fans of the genre will be taking over San Diego dressed to the nines in their favorite costumes -- and, for the diehard fans, perusing the swag booths tatted out like a boss. Just take these folks who loved "Marvel's The Avengers" so much, they inked those heroes on their skin forever. If you don't have Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man tattooed on your head, are you really a fan?

Marvel will be one of the hottest tickets at this year's Comic Con -- they're expected to reveal who will play Dr. Strange in future movies. In the meantime, check out the most "whoa" Avengers tattoos we found online, then contemplate which character's tat you'd get, then go get it! J/k just do you bruh.

Kyle Smith