Azealia Banks via Twitter

Azealia Banks' 'Heavy Metal And Reflective': It's Coming

The rapper teased a video still, and oh my god I can't breathe.

You know that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for because it just might come true?" Well, whoever said that is, like, super-dumb because Azealia Banks has a new song dropping soon and I feel amazing.

Last Friday, the "212" rapper tweeted that new track "Heavy Metal And Reflective" would be released on July 29, and on Saturday she began the 10-day Twitter countdown.

Now, with a very ominous "Ring"-like seven days to go, Azealia has teased what looks to be a still from the "Heavy Metal And Reflective" video.

Oh my god, it's real. I can't breathe. Where are my legs? I can't feel them. Can you? Where are we? I'd offer you a seat, but I've taken all of them.

Details about "Heavy Metal And Reflective" are scarce, but the 23-year-old artist has tweeted that the song is "gonna make all your heads roll!!!!" and that "the video is honestly my best video this far!!!" Banks also noted that "I look like a peanut in the video," which isn't actually all that helpful TBH.

These teasers come less than two weeks after Banks parted ways with her label following an endless series of delays on her long-promised debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Now that she's a self-described "#freeagent," there's a very good chance that Azealia will be making good on that promise sooner rather than later.