Selena Gomez Reps Her Fans In Latest Kmart Collection

Selenators, your back-to-school shopping just got a lot easier. I know, I know, I shouldn't be bringing up the S-word when it's the middle of July, but I think you're going to be pretttty eager to get your hands on Selena Gomez’s new Kmart collection. You'll be able to rep your stan status on your shirt—there will be no doubt that Selly is your fave.

Kmart just released Dream Out Loud's latest look book and there are a ton of options, all of which Selena helped design. Did you know she's had the line since she was 17? Yeah, she has years of design experience at the ripe ol' age of 21, no biggie.


While Selena seems partial to the Selenator shirts, we're all about this plaid on plaid layering she has going on. A flannel tied around another flannel? Sign me up, please.


The collection's pieces range from shimmery skirts to sweatsuits, and Selena pulls them all of equally. In addition to straight-up Selenator shirts, there are a few more subtle nods to Selena in the line, like a maroon shirt with DOL (Dream Out Loud) printed across the front and '92—her birth year—featured on a skirt.

You can peep the entire collection (and buy some stuff!) on Kmart's website. The best part? You can guarantee you'll be heading back to school in Selena-approved style.