Getty Images/Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

5SOS Promises No Pants At 2014 VMAs And Here's What It'll Look Like

August 24 can't come soon enough.

Last week, 5 Seconds of Summer announced they are playing at the 2014 Video Music Awards. Today, MTV announced that the band is also nominated for their first VMA—Artist to Watch, Presented by Taco Bell. 5SOS fans freaked out on Twitter, as did Calum. He was so excited by the news, it seems, that he tweeted a promise:

No pants, eh, Calum? While we can't exactly hold you to your tweet—we all say crazy things when we're nominated for our first VMA, right?—we can imagine what it may look like if you do, in fact, skip out on covering your lower half for the big day.

Getty Images/Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

If the band decides to go with their typical T-shirt and jeans look, Calum can still wear his fave band tee—he just needs to make sure it's got a little room to breathe. Tying a flannel around his waist can act as an extra precaution, FYI.

Instagram/Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

On stage, his bass can act as the majority of his outfit. Again, an oversize shirt may be more comfortable, but the length is totally up to him.

Getty Images/Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

If the band decides to go formal for their first VMAs, Calum may stick out a little. While he can still wear a button-up shirt and jacket, his legs will look very bare compared to his covered-up bandmates. A tweet is a tweet, ma dude. Now that we have the images in our minds, we're kinda looking forward to them IRL.