You Can Buy An Actual 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard At SDCC

Or a golden ticket that's literal AND metaphorical!

When it comes to Comic-Con International, there are things you'll surely need. Water, snacks, a kickass cosplay, and some pure, unbridled geekphoria. Because it's Comic-Con! The one time a year that the entirety of the Nerd World descends on Southern California to revel in their obsessive love for all things comic books, movies, television, sci-fi, fantasy, and more.

It's a time to truly indulge your fantasies — pretend to be Sarah Manning from "Orphan Black," don your best Khaleesi costume and go out and find yourself a Jon Snow, obsess over back episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" with the other fans in line with you — truly just go wild. And there are plenty — plenty! — of vendors with collectable wares to sell you that will prove just how deep your love of nerd culture goes.

In fact, in addition to all that water and geekphoria you'll be packing in your messenger bag, you'll also probably want to have some spare change lying around to pick-up said wares. But nothing too extravagant: just like, you know, maybe $115,000 or so. (Give or take a few hundies!)

And the folks over at the Prop Store, who are sure to boggle your mind with their original movie props from some of the most beloved geek properties out there, will likely be where you spend it. Because they've got 375 original movie props set to go on sale in a big, ol' fashioned auction this October in London. But first, to entice all you pop culture nerds heading to San Diego next week, they're bringing 'em all to Comic-Con and you'll be hard-pressed to keep your money in your wallets after you see what's coming.


This Marty McFly hoverboard from "Back to the Future: Part II"

...It has an estimated auction price of $25,700

Or this Batmobile model miniature used in "Batman Forever"

...Which will run you a cool, estimated $34,200

And this original prop Golden Ticket from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

...Chump change for an estimated $25,700

And a battle-damaged iteration of Michael Keaton's bat suit from "Batman"

...Very reasonably estimated at a mere $16,100

Warner Bros.

Or: C-3PO’s hands from "Star Wars"

...!!! Estimated at $13,700

Twentieth Century Fox

...And that's apparently just a selection of what the Prop Store boys will have on hand. Word on the street is they'll also have some stuff from "Pacific Rim," too, so pocket an extra couple thou if you're a fan of that. Just in case!

So now that you've taken out a major loan, you're all set to do Comic-Con right. ...aaaaaaaaaand go!