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Bask In ’90s Awkwardness With These ‘Whoa!’-Worthy Forgotten ‘Blossom’ Moments

Not all "whoas" are created equally.

“Blossom” fans, this one’s for you. Today, we spotted a classic behind-the-scenes clip from the ’90s sitcom staple: Joey Lawrence — better known as Blossom’s lovably dim-witted brother, Joey Russo — coaching his younger brother and mini-me stand-in Matthew Lawrence on his signature “whoa!” catchphrase.

Which, of course, led us down a black hole of “Blossom” clips on YouTube. Enjoy the #ThrowbackThursday behind-the-scenes moment and two other “Whoa!”-worthy moments from the show.

1. Joey Lawrence Help His Little Brother Master ’Whoa!’ Catchphrase

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