Ariana Grande’s Response To Her VMA Noms? All These Pretty Emoji

She's up from her nap!

So Ariana Grande finally woke up from cuddling with her fluffy ponytail and saw that she was nominated for three — count ’em! three — 2014 MTV VMAs. Her reaction? Tons of gushing — and emojis.

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been watching Ariana’s Twitter feed since the VMA nominations dropped, waiting for her to chime in after her last sleepy tweet: “goodnight for now (and good morning to some, I guess) haven’t slept properly in weeks. … i love u.”

After waking up in a green, green glade surrounded by forest creatures (I imagine), Grande was given the joyful news by a golden-haired prince on the back of a white horse, bearing a silver envelope on a bejeweled plate (again, this is speculation here). Her response: