This Is The Tweet The Capitol Doesn't Want You To See

Who hacked the Panem government Twitter? Hint: It rhymes with 'Schmockingjay.'

There's a ghost inside the machine that runs Panem's government Twitter account.

Earlier this week, a strange tweet was sent from the Capitol's Ministry of Information. At first glance, the fragmented line of code seemed like it must have been a mistake - one remedied when the tweet was deleted almost immediately.

HOWEVER. For those with an ear to the ground for whispers from District 13, that random-looking letter sequence would have been anything but. G-Bb-A-D: those are the four whistled notes of Rue's song from the 74th Annual Hunger Games. And swift-fingered users who clicked on "inspect element" before the tweet disappeared discovered that this was no mistake.

It's a message.

And somewhere, BeeTee is sitting back from a bank of computers and getting high fives from everybody.

Gird your loins, Tributes. The Revolution is coming! And since activity on the One Panem Twitter often heralds the drop of some new bit of movie buzz, this could be a sign that another "Mockingjay" teaser might be imminent, too.