Six GIFs That Prove 'Teen Wolf''s Kira Will Kick Ass On The Lacrosse Team

The kitsune thinks she may not be up for the challenge, but we beg to differ.

When you've gone to battle against indestructible Japanese warlords, you'd think high school sports would seem like a piece of cake. But self-assurance has never really been Kira's thing.

On last week's "Teen Wolf" episode, Beacon Hills' resident kitsune set up camp in the school's bleachers to support her crush, Scott, during lacrosse tryouts. For the most part, Scott's performance was uncharacteristically weak. Kira, on the other hand, accidentally proved what a strong candidate she could be, and when a stray ball careened toward Malia's head, she instinctively stuck out her stick and caught it. That, coupled with her strong toss back to the coach, earned her an unlikely spot on the all-male squad.

Still, in spite of her smooth moves and on-the-money instincts, Kira has her doubts. But from where we're sitting, she's got no reason to worry. Take a look at GIF-evidence of why Kira's definitely tough enough for the lacrosse field, and watch how she fares in the sport when "Teen Wolf" airs Monday night at 10/9c!