Kevin And Winnie Are Totally Back Together In This 'Wonder Years' Reunion Photo

True love waits.

First it was the cast of "Napoleon Dynamite" and now "The Wonder Years" crew? What's next, Vicki and the Lawsons from "Small Wonder?"

Well, all we can say is it was great to see Kevin, Winnie and Paul back together in this amazing cast photo. Not only were stars Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano there, but the whole Arnold clan, including dad Jack (Dan Lauria), mom Norma (Alley Mills), sister Karen (Olivia D'Abo) and brother Wayne (Josh Hervey).

Entertainment Weekly

She's sitting on his lap!

The picture shot earlier this year was to mark the upcoming release of the 26-DVD "The Wonder Years: The Complete Series," which is now available for pre-order in a collectible metal locker just like the ones from Kennedy Junior High. While the set won't ship until October, just think: when it does you'll have all 115 episodes, 15 hours of bonus features and a replica yearbook, plus (in various editions) a Kennedy Junior High School T-shirt and tube socks in a vintage gym bag, a Kennedy High pennant and patch, collectible pins and a limited $499.95 "Signature" edition with all those items hand-signed by Savage, McKellar and other cast members.