John Lamparski/Getty

Anna Kendrick Publicly Questions Her Own Hotness, Again

Stop it.

When coming up with adjectives to describe Anna Kendrick, many words pop up. Words like funny. Talented. Down-to-earth. Smart. Occasionally self-deprecating. And also, of course, gorgeous.

Obviously, like she said in her hilarious beer commercial, Kendrick is more of a "hottest girl in your improv class" type of gorgeous than a four leaf clover, Kate Upton gorgeous, but still -- it's there. Kendrick is an undeniably attractive woman. If she was in my high school class, she'd likely have made the short list for Most Attractive.

Which is why it's kind of strange (and maybe even a little frustrating) to hear that Kendrick doesn't see herself that way -- or, more accurately, is probably told that she shouldn't see herself that way -- even if she does clarify that she doesn't give a you-know-what.


"The thing is, my appearance -- that’s never been my moneymaker," Kendrick told Glamour. "I'm fine being small. I'm fine being all the things I am. And I'm happy I'm not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list all the time, because that would be super f---ing stressful."

Well, okay. On the one hand, it's obviously great to hear that she is happy with who she is and how she looks, and it does sound very stressful to have your appearance be your moneymaker. But on the other, since when does being a young, slim white woman make you an outlier when it comes to Hollywood's beauty standards?

We love you very, very much Anna, but it's tough to take the woman behind this stunning photo shoot seriously when she doubts her own hotness. For the sake of all of us eye-rolling normals out there, you should know you're beautiful, girl. (Cause that's what makes you beautiful.)