Weird Al Takes Down 'Blurred Lines' And Lyric Videos With 'Word Crimes': Watch

He's got a big dictionary.

Weird Al Yankovic's first video of his promised "eight videos in eight days" thing took aim at Pharrell and people he thought were "Tacky." His second music video has three targets: "Blurred Lines," lyric videos, and bad grammar.

The comedy singer hits all three with "Word Crimes," set to the tune of Robin Thicke's 2013 summer anthem. The video's a pretty incredible piece of animation, as Yankovic cautions viewers against common grammatical errors while punctuation marks bounce along to the beat like Emily Ratajkowski.

Weird Al himself doesn't appear at all in the video, which is also a take-down of the lyric videos that have soared in popularity over the last few years, thanks to Cee-Lo Green's "F--k You" video.

With so much happening in each frame, there are a bunch of Easter eggs you might not catch the first time — in the lyric "You're a lost cause," he uses the "Lost" poster with an ABC logo on the bottom right that says "Learn your ABCs, doofus."

But maybe more than anything else, the song's a great, catchy way to bone up on some grammatical rules you might have forgotten, railing against people who say "I could care less" and who use "literally" wrong.

Check out the video, and check back tomorrow for video three from the song parody master.