Here's A Unique Solution To The Middle Urinal Dilemma

Oh they saved you a spot, all right, but it's the one spot you don't want. Desperate times call for this Vine's desperate measures.

Guys like our privacy, but for some reason, bathroom architects keep building urinals without toilet-style stalls. That's OK if you've got some personal space between your pisser and the next occupied one -- there's no risk of some other guy's splashback on your shoes -- but sometimes, you don't have that luxury.

We've all been there. You're at work and nature calls, so you barrel into the restroom. But then, you're faced with the dreaded Middle Urinal Dilemma. Relieving yourself doesn't seem like such a relief anymore. How do you handle that? Our friends at MTV Other created a Vine to show the least awkward way to proceed. Now just sit with your legs under your desk until everyone leaves the office tonight...