'Big Hero 6' Might Be Cuter Than 'Frozen' -- Yes, Really

Yeah, we said it.

Remember "Frozen"? Of course you do, that was a rhetorical question. Who could forget the cutest movie of all time? Since you remember it, you're undoubtedly remembering how much you friggin' love that movie.

Get ready to love a different animated movie even more.

It's a bold statement, we know, but before you're all *CLOSE TAB*, watch the brand new trailer for "Big Hero 6" below.

Sorry, Olaf. Baymax is our new cute pal. You may melt, but this guy deflates and adorably can't quite seem to figure out how to pick up a soccer ball with his stubby little arms. Let's just go for the best of both worlds: put a carrot nose on that sucker and we're gone for life.

"Big Hero 6" follows six superheroes recruited to solve a dangerous mystery, and it's based on a Marvel Comics series. Color us both intrigued and delighted.

"Big Hero 6" hits theaters November 7.