9 Perks Of Not Being A Slob (Like These Guys)

Here's all the motivation you need to clean up your life.

For most of us, our early years are spent living in filth. Who has time to clean up when we have video games to play and frozen pizzas to burn/eat? You do, or you should. Being even remotely clean can do wonders for your life. Here's a look at just some of the benefits of being a little not as gross.

1. You'll Have A Room To Bring Someone Back To

Flickr: Matt Lemmon

Sure, you're a grownup and you can live as grossly as you want. Guess who doesn't like that? Anybody you're bringing home from the bar. It doesn't matter how attractive you are if your room is so messy and smelly it's terrifying.

2. Your Roommate Won't Hate You


The only thing people dislike more than doing dishes is doing your dishes. Clean up after yourself, and you won't have to worry about your roommate doing terrible, awful things to you in your sleep. Speaking of which...

3. You Won't Get Internet Shamed


Step up your game before you become the next meme.

4. You'll Actually Be Able To Use Your Kitchen


Go ahead. Make some space for that juicer you've been wanting.

5. Nobody Has To Destroy The Rainforest To Pee


The TP Seat should be for public bathrooms only, not your frat-house-level filthy pee room.

6. You Won't Be The Neighborhood Disgrace

Flickr: Kyle Pearce

No adult wants their home described as an "eyesore," all right?

7. You Won't Need DIY Trashcans

Flickr: Orin Zebest

Though, really, at this point your house itself is a giant trashcan.

8. Your Friends Might Actually Want To Hang Out

Flickr: Ryo Chijiiwa

There's a reason why your buddies never come over to play "Madden." Give them somewhere to sit at least. Which finally brings us to...

9. You Won't Accidentally Crush Your Pet

Flickr: Orin Zebest

Fine, go ahead and live like an animal -- but that's no excuse for making an animal live that way.