The 11 Grossest GIFS From 'The Strain' Will Make You Lose Your Lunch

A GIF-fy recap of the cutest show on TV.

Guillermo Del Toro's vampire horror series "The Strain" finally premiered on July 13, and while we're definitely into it -- and the next three episodes FX sent out -- we're still not over how incredibly gross it is.

Effectively using body horror unlike anything we've ever seen on television, "The Strain" focuses on a group of New Yorkers on various sides of a potentially apocalyptic vampire virus. Said virus enters the city via plane -- or, more specifically via the ancient evil vampire called The Master that flew on said plane, killing all of its passengers minus four.

Well, they're kind of dead, anyway -- and the four survivors are looking pretttttty rough. It's up to a CDC workaholic ("House of Cards" season one standout Corey Stoll) and a Holocaust survivor Van Helsing type (Red Wedding planner David Bradley) to save the day, though by the end of episode one, they certainly haven't gotten very far.

Anyway, "The Strain" certainly made quite an impression, largely due to the effectively grotesque horror of Del Toro's various monsters, including those little parasite worms that eat blood and burrow themselves in eyeballs (click if you dare). We'll spare you the toss-your-cookies reaction from that particular image, but you're on your own when it comes to the 11 grossest moments from "The Strain" premiere:

1. First, Walder Frey from "Game of Thrones" started talking to a heart in a jar.

A heart in a jar with parasitic worms in it is just what the doctor ordered.

2. Then, all of the people on the mysterious plane were dead, so we got to peek at this little dead girl's eyeballs.

But more on her in a second...

3. After that, a giant vampire creature called The Master escaped the plane and got really, super hungry.

Surprise -- he doesn't use fangs!

4. But after he was done eating, he was all, "that meal totally sucked, I hate this guy."

Hey, at least random dead guy number one is in great company.

5. Elsewhere, morgue people decided to examine the bodies from the plane crash -- what they found was certainly interesting!

Oozing white pus-blood, cool!

6. Later, morgue guy found even more cool stuff in the bodies of the plane crash victims. Like this guy!

This is going to go super well.

7. Unfortunately, sometimes when you pick up a heart with parasitic vampire worms in it, the parasitic vampire worms burrow themselves into your skin, LOL.


8. And see, you shouldn't focus your attention on pulling parasitic vampire worms out of your body, because then you might miss it when the dead begin to rise.

I'm beginning to think this wasn't no ordinary plane crash.

9. The dead were so hungry!

Watch out, morgue guy!

10. Welp, looks like it's too late for morgue guy.

At least that one little girl on the plane died a peaceful death not involving parasitic vampire worms, right?

11. Just kidding, no she didn't! Little girl on the plane is a vampire with terrifying reptile eyes, now. This should be great for the man hugging her.

Until next week, y'all!