'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Preview Features A Ton Of Badass Gamora Footage

The movie, unfortunately, is still weeks away.

In many of the trailers we've seen for "Guardians of the Galaxy," Gamora, the galaxy's deadliest woman and Thanos' adopted daughter, has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, which has been dominated by Star-Lord and a talking raccoon.

But anyone who knows the Guardians comic books knows how badass Gamora is and understands that seeing Zoe Saldana bring her to life is one of the most exciting prospects for the upcoming movie.

A new featurette from Marvel Studios takes a closer look at the "stealth assassin," and we see a snippet of a conversation with Star-Lord, plus some more of her ass kicking abilities.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" opens in theaters on August 1.