Watch Zach Braff And Kate Hudson Compete In 'The Jew-Off'

In a new 'After Hours' with Josh Horowitz.

Zach Braff's "Garden State" and "Wish I Was Here" both incorporate, at least to some extent, the actor's Jewish heritage.

But who would win the title of the Ultimate Jew in a contest between Braff and "Wish I Was Here" co-star Kate Hudson? That's what Josh Horowitz wanted to find out in a brand new "After Hours," where Hudson and Braff have to compete in the ultimate Jewish quiz that we like to call "The Jew-Off."

"I'll win this, she just is blood Jew-ier," Braff said, referring to Hudson's mom Goldie Hawn being Jewish.

First, Josh asked Braff who among the group of Drake, Daniel Radcliffe, and Elijah Wood was not Jewish, which Braff got right: it turns out Frodo isn't part of the tribe.

Josh tested Hudson with the ladies, and the actress passed, realizing that Jennifer Aniston is not Jewish, while Mila Kunis and Elizabeth Banks are.

Braff was the first to slip up, not knowing how to spell "Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik's name by putting in a "c" at the end.

"I can tell you that mayim means water in Hebrew," Braff added, earning himself an extra point.

Hudson had a chance to overtake Braff, but stumbled herself by not quite knowing what "shmear" was.

"You're going to get your shmearing all over your face," Hudson answered. Not quite, though Braff helpfully added that it was "Jew-y spread."

So it was neck and neck, at least until Hudson pulled out her fantastic Barbara Streisand impression by singing "Send in the Clowns." Someone get her cast in a biopic, stat!

As of this writing, there's no word on "The Jew-Off" being made into the next big game show.