17 Insane Tattoos Of Celebs That Will Scar You For Life

You've been warned.

Nothing screams "I'm your biggest fan" like permanently etching your favorite musician's face or name into your skin. Here's the best of the worst:

1. This "Riahnna" tribute is pure gold, even with the barely noticeable spelling error.

2. It's really only outdone by this priceless piece of artwork.

3. When it comes to expressing your unconditional adoration, more is always better.

Carl McCoid is famous for his constantly growing number of Miley tats. He currently has 29 dedicated to the pop star, with a 30th soon on the way.

4. A face tattoo lets everyone know who's really important to you for the rest of your life.

People will admire you for your commitment, really.

5. It's also great to honor celebs at the peak of their careers.

6. Someone clearly put a lot of thought into this profound Bieber dedication.

7. Be sure to show off your pop culture knowledge.

OK, so this tat isn't actually owned by a Belieber. There's a fantasy football league in Nebraska that punishes the loser with a horrifically embarrassing tattoo designed by the winners. Talk about high stakes.

8. This completely accurate depiction of Billie Joe Armstrong and company deserves to be in a museum.

9. I mean, why wouldn't you want Taylor Swift's face on your body?

10. Someone's still getting over Avril's Sk8er Boi days.

11. Is it John Lennon or Harry Potter?

12. Deadmau5 is always a timeless classic.

13. Here's an undying confession of love to Ashton Kutcher.

14. Do it for your loved ones.

A mom got this super hip neck tat to help her daughter score tickets to a JoBros concert through a radio station contest.

15. Nostalgia is extremely important, of course.

Those are S Club 7 tats, in case you couldn't tell.

16. It's OK if nobody understands your ink, as long as you know what the true meaning of a 2Pac unicorn is.

17. This is a friendly reminder that tattoos are permanent. TV deaths are not.