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Chris Colfer Opens Up About The Bullying That Inspired His New Book

The 'Glee' star says 'viscious' online abuse served as his muse when writing his whimsical series The Land of Stories.

From the outside, Chris Colfer's life might seem like a fairytale. He stars in the hit show "Glee," has a best-selling book trilogy and is beloved by an army of adoring fans. But when MTV News caught up with the 24-year-old while he was promoting the third installment from his Land of Stories series, he explained his world is far from picture perfect.

"I remember when 'Glee' first started I would state the facts that I was a kid in Clovis, [California] who went to an audition and got this job and I was painted as this Cinderella person and, you know, of course, what they didn't see was the years of cyber bullying I went through and the people that are really just viscous online because someone else has an opportunity and that wasn't fun at all," he said. "And I was like, this is such good material for the character Cinderella to take a spin on it."

The star describes his third book, A Grimm Warning, as "an action-packed mystery historical thriller" in which he begs fans not to read a single page out of order.

"There are so many twists and turns I wouldn't want anything to be ruined," Colfer exclaimed. "It's a story about an army from the past coming to the present and trying to conquer the fairytale world in the name of the French empire so it has a lot of twists."

Chris Colfer Has NOT Been Fired By "Glee."

While he didn't pull any inspiration from his "Glee" costars when writing the books -- "I was very, very young when I had the initial urge to write it and I had never met anyone [from the cast] when I was 7," he laughed -- Colfer did lend a helping hand to his onscreen bestie Lea Michele when working on her first book.

"I think I helped her pick out the cover because I told her that was my favorite one and then she told me it was called 'Brunette Ambition' and I said I thought that was an amazing name," he recalled. "I could be lying, I may have had nothing to do with it, but I'll say I did, yes, I picked out the cover."