'Catfish' Poll: Should Bianca Let Tia Into Her Life?

The aspiring musician is reluctant to give her online crush a second chance -- and she may have good reason.

Sometimes the dishonesty of a "Catfish," no matter how remorseful they are for their actions, can be too much for the person they deceived. And, on tonight's episode, that was the case for Bianca.

The North Carolina native contacted Nev and Max because she wanted to uncover the truth about her crush Brogan, a girl she met on Facebook. The two had instantly connected, discovering that they shared similar passions including musical tastes and a love for body modification. But they never saw each other in person: Bianca resisted video-chatting because she found it awkward and kept their communications limited to the telephone.

Eventually, though, Bianca was ready to take the next step. But Brogan wasn't -- she disappeared, leaving Bianca to struggle over the failed relationship. A year later, however, Brogan was back, and Bianca was determined to unearth her real identity.

Nev and Max, who were aided by their "supermodel intern" Selita Ebanks, quickly discovered that Bianca wasn't speaking to the girl in the pictures Brogan had sent. In fact, Bianca was communicating with a young Iowa woman named Tia.

Accompanied by the cyber sleuths, Bianca met her catfish. Tia's explanation for the sham: She was afraid to be herself and face possible rejection, but swore that her feelings for Bianca were real. She was hiding a second secret: During her freshman year of high school, she said, she was the victim of sexual assault. Soon after, she became depressed and gained weight, eventually ballooning to 300 pounds. Before long, Tia said, she created Brogan as an escape.

Bianca seemed to gain some understanding after hearing Tia's tale, and it seemed like the two might be able to move forward and get to know each other for real. But during the catch-up, Bianca said that she was still coping with the loss of Brogan and needed more time to let Tia into her life. Meanwhile, Tia still seemed hopeful that the two might one day reconnect.

Tia certainly seems sorry for her actions, but Bianca has good reason to proceed with caution -- namely, that painful web of deception. Still, the two did once enjoy a super-close bond. So what should Bianca do -- welcome Tia into her life again, or throw her catfish back into the water? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments.

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