'Finding Carter' Poll: Can Carter And Her Biological Mother Get Along?

The rebellious teenager and her mom have gotten off to a truly rocky start.

Discovering that your mom isn't really your mom is bad enough, but realizing that your biological mother is a humorless, controlling ice queen? Yikes.

Tonight's "Finding Carter" two-hour premiere left us reeling from not only the fact that the life Carter had come to know and love was pulled right out from under her feet, but her new, true parents aren't exactly the cat's pajamas. The teen's dad David seems hellbent on exploiting his daughter's abduction to make a quick buck, and her mom Elizabeth is more concerned with capturing Carter's kidnapper than warming up to her own child.

While Carter appears to get along fairly well with most of her new family (when she's not busy kissing her sister Taylor's longtime crush), she and Elizabeth are like the mother-daughter version of Sinead O'Connor and Miley Cyrus -- it's a never-ending feud.

The police officer and mom-on-a-mission is determined to keep her long-lost-but-now-found daughter under lock and key: She has her followed, tracks her calls, monitors her friends, looks through her private things and even lies to Carter's face. Naturally, Carter reacts by rebelling -- stealing the car, boozing it up with her twin sister, threatening to run away, missing family therapy sessions and more.

Yeah, I was kidnapped. Let's party!

Elizabeth, who can barely utter the L-word to any of her family members, is kinda-sorta trying to make it work with Carter — when she's not preoccupied with telling her what to wear to school. But does that mean they can put their differences aside and just get along? And sure, Carter hasn't run away -- yet -- so maybe she wants to be near her birth mother. Nevertheless, Elizabeth is insistent on hunting down Carter's abductor, the one woman Carter truly feels is her mother (despite the Gummy Bear dinners).

Can Carter and her biological mom move past their issues before it's too late? Cast your vote below, and catch an all-new episode of "Finding Carter" next Monday at 10/9c.

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