Gird Your Loins For The 'Harry Potter' Vs. 'Twilight' Dance-Off

Moves so hot, you'll want to Avada Kedavra yourself.

If you've ever dreamed of seeing a trio of Cullen family members having a dance battle with the Hogwarts three, in the middle of the North American forest, while an umbrella-wielding Hagrid serves as the DJ, then... that is a really odd and bizarrely specific dream. But today, your bizarrely specific dream has come true!

Songwriting duo Scott & Brendo wrote the catchy song to accompany this magic battle in the wilderness, in which Harry, Hermione and Ron face off against Bella, Edward and Jacob to see who has the slickest moves. Who will emerge victorious in this battle of fangs versus wands? It doesn't matter, really; when wizards are having a dance-off with vampires, everybody wins.