Watch A Hero Lumberjack Rescue A Bear Stuck In A Milk Can

Oh, bother.

A bigger, browner, non-fictional cousin of Winnie the Pooh got himself into trouble -- trouble from which he had to be extricated with the help of heavy machinery. This video shows the bear, who had jammed his head into a milk can from which he was unable to escape, being freed by a kind-hearted logger who happened to have just the tool for the job.

A report from local news station WEAU identified the logger as Garrett Smith, who happened upon the bear while working in somebody else's field, and got permission from the landowner to come back with this large, helpful machine that is apparently designed specifically for freeing bear heads from milk cans.

The bear, who clearly had no idea how lucky he is to have been rescued, immediately beat cheeks for the safety of the forest without so much as a snorted "Thanks, dude."