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50 Cent Just Bought ALL The Trey Songz Albums

Fif urges fans to support a "real artist."

Sure, the majority of 50 Cent's often-hilarious Instagram videos seem to be poking fun at someone. But, as he proved on Tuesday, he can also use his platform for a cause he deems worthwhile.

Fif headed to a Best Buy in Pittsburgh to support Trigga, the new album from Trey Songz. In fact, he cleaned out the store of the singer's latest release -- even sending a sales associate to check if they had more available that weren't on display on the shelves.

"@treysongz I BROUGHT THE STORE. NO CD's left in best buy,in Pittsburgh tell the label i said reship LMAO," he wrote.

He even made the salesman a bit of a star, and it was all in the name of supporting Trigga's work.

"Take a picture of your self buying music you enjoy. SPR support real artist. #smsaudio #animalambition"

Trey, who appeared on the rapper's "Smoke," off of his recent Animal Ambition, caught wind of the move and showed his appreciation.