Look At Weezer's Terrifying New Album Cover

Adorably nightmare-inducing.

Given the cover of Weezer's upcoming record, we're guessing that its title, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, is a big old lie.

The cover was revealed via a very "Where The Wild Things Are"-esque teaser featuring a dozing child dreaming of a terrifying puffball monster stomping through a forest in a sea of smoke.

The video also features a track titled "My Mystery" that's pretty damn '90s-game dreamy. "I don't even know your name/ No, I don't know the words to say/ So I call you my mystery," sings Rivers Cuomo on the track. I hope he's talking about the puff monster.

Weezer have been been teasing their ninth studio record -- recorded with Cars legend Ric Ocasek -- for a minute now. Recently, they revealed that oddly ominous title, as well as two new tracks titled “The Waste Land” and “Ain’t Got Nobody." Each piece of info has been heralded by a video. We can hardly wait to see what's next.