'Walking Dead': Watch This 'Disturbing' First Look At Season Five

Out of the A train and into the fire.

They're baaaack! Back to work, at least.

The cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" are knee-deep in the guts and gore that AMC viewers have come to know and love, with season five well underway and on track for an October premiere. But what can we expect when Rick Grimes and his fellow companions return to our television sets in the fall? Based on the first sneak peek for the new season, fans can count on even more blood and brains than ever before.

"This episode is so disturbing," star Lauren Cohan says, "that some of the stuff we shot yesterday, I don't know if it'll make it to TV."

Cohan's co-stars share the sentiment, with Andrew Lincoln labeling the season five premiere as "the most ambitious first episode we've ever attempted."

"It moves like no other premiere we shot before," he says. "If this is what we have to go by for the season, then I think this will be the best season yet."

Sure, that's what they always say. In fairness, "Walking Dead" is in a unique position going into season five. While Rick and friends are always in danger, season five marks the first year where the band of survivors begins in captivity. At the end of season four, Rick's group wound up imprisoned at Terminus, the so-called sanctuary that seems like a cannibal compound in reality.

The final moments of season four showed Rick and his allies trapped inside of a train car. But as the sneak peek makes clear, they won't be behind bars for long; at the very least, we see Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Abraham, Daryl and Eugene filming scenes in the woods. Could the season five premiere feature an epic escape attempt? And if so, will the hounds of Terminus be in hot pursuit?

We'll find out all about "The Walking Dead" season five when it premieres in October. A longer sneak peek is scheduled to air on AMC on July 6, if you can't wait for even more zombie action.