Kim Kardashian Sees 'The Fault in Our Stars' and Literally Can't Even

Move over, 'The Notebook.' Kim K has a new fave movie.

Hey you guys: Kim Kardashian has discovered "The Fault in Our Stars" and move over Ryan Gosling, because Mrs. West has found her new "The Notebook." Sorry, Nicholas Sparks — you had a solid run.

The John Green novel turned tween dream cinematic cryfest has dominated movie theaters for weeks now with the heart-bludgeoning love story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, but it was only just Monday night that Kim had a chance to force her family into seeing it. Kim had her first viewing of it over the weekend.

And this time, she even came prepared!

So naturally, all we are left with are questions. Kim, can you even deal with how sad that was? And what about the part in the church? And, man oh man, what about the cigarette metaphor? The eggs? Amsterdam? Can you just even? I mean literally? Can you even? Is Kanye your Gus? Did he cry, too? Are you a total Hazel?

And finally: does this make Kim Kardashian a Nerdfighter now?