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Kelly Clarkson Drinks Wine, Wonders How Babies Work

'I still can't believe I made a human ... #pump&dump,' she writes.

If you were drinking your first glass of wine in 10 months, you'd be using ornate hashtags too. #pump&dump, baby.

Kelly Clarkson, who just gave birth to River Rose Blackstock on June 12, took to Twitter on Tuesday morning (July 1) to wax poetic about the miracle of life.

"I still can't believe I made a human," she wrote, following up with the hashtags #topthat and #firstglassofwineintenmonths and a smiley face.

Procreation will make you think crazy things.

Clarkson, who announced that she and husband Brandon Blackstock were expecting back in November, has been very open about her pregnancy on Twitter, and now that her daughter has arrived, it looks like we'll get sporadic updates from time to time as well. Thanks, Kelly.

You deserve that wine.