Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Are Seriously Hilarious In The 'Skeleton Twins’ Trailer

The Sundance favorite hits theaters on September 19.

Since it's inception, the Sundance Film Festival has created a specific type of low-budget movie that is likely to be found in Park City in the month of January. The "Sundance movie" usually is small in scale and follows quirky characters dealing with inner turmoil and relationship problems, but very rarely do they start two of the decade's best "Saturday Night Live" cast members.

The unlikely casting of Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader was certainly one of the things that separated "The Skeleton Twins" from the pack at this year's Sundance, but the film directed by Craig Johnson is also supposed to be very good on its own merits.

Hader's and Wiig's performances as a troubled brother-sister duo won raves from critics at the fest, and now — ahead of a September 19 release — the first trailer is giving everyone a chance to see what the lucky Park City visitors did.

Back in January, MTV News spoke with Hader about the challenges of the role and its lack of similarities to his most famous "SNL" creation.