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Ed Sheeran Trashed His Hotel Room, Then Cleaned It Up

Ed declares it the 'time of being polite.'

For the most part, Ed Sheeran has done a pretty good job of staying out of the tabloids and keeping the focus on his music.

It's probably because when he does make a mess of things, he cleans it up.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Ed opens up about some of his rock star moments, from sampling a form of ecstasy, passing out drunk at Jennifer Aniston's house and trashing a hotel room after a "wicked night" out.

“I felt so bad and said, ‘Oh, someone’s going to have to clean this up,’ ” he recalls of the night where he and his friends piled everything that wasn't bolted down in the room into the bathtub. “So I literally de-trashed my room and put it back to normal. If I trash a hotel room, will anyone like me more? You’re not going to have kids going, ‘Oh, that’s really cool and edgy.’ You’re probably going to get a ticked-off maid and that’s about it.”

It's that nice-guy personality, along with his incredible talent, that's putting Ed at the top of the charts and on radio stations around the world.

“It’s the time of being polite,” he said. “Radio stations aren’t going to play you if you show up late. You have to be respectful and do your job. You can guarantee that Taylor [Swift] will always be professional and polite, and if you want to be as big as her, you have to be just as professional and polite. If you’re not, radio stations will say, ‘Hmmm, he wasn’t very nice to us yesterday, but she was lovely, so we’re going to play her records.’ ”

And even with his just released album X slated to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, Ed is still in awe of how far he has come.

“I do pinch myself sometimes,” he said. “I have so many moments like that. I grew up listening to John Mayer and Jason Mraz and the other day, [I got] emails from them. Stuff like that blows my mind.”

It seems like that humble mindset won't be changing anytime soon, since Ed believes that "this isn't going to last forever."

"Now is the time when I’m making my musical statements and being cool and going to parties. But I don’t think I’ll be living this life in 10 years’ time. If I am, please slap me,” he said before laying out his future plans. “Back home, bunch of kids, at 33, I should be starting to settle down.”