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Rihanna Beef? T-Boz Is A 'Grown Ass Woman' With No Time For That

Nothing to see here folks.

Sorry Innanets, no matter how much you want a Rihanna vs. TLC beef to become a thing -- it won't.

The faux drama began when the TLC ladies wondered why Rih Rih is always showing her "booby cakes" in public, prompting the singer to respond with by changing her Twitter background to a topless photo of TLC.

TMZ happened to catch up with T-Boz this week and asked her about the "beef," to which she more or less responded with a facial expression that read, child please.

"I wasn't talking about her then and I ain't talking about her now," T-Boz replied. "That's irrelevant. I ain't even got time to waste on that."

And about their "exchange" on Twitter? "No, there was just her exchange. I don't do Twitter beefs, I'm a grown ass woman. You wanna holla? You know where to find me."

Then they moved onto the topic of Rih potentially playing Aaliyah in a biopic, and T-Boz simply wished her good luck. "I like her music and I wish her the best always," she said.

In the meantime, the #FreetheNipple campaign is still going strong, with some support from Rihanna.